What are bugs? Generally, when people think of bugs, they think about animals that are arthropods. About 85% of all known animals in the world are arthropods.  All arthropods have the following characteristics:

1. A segmented body

This means that they will have a body made up of more than one part.  Spiders have two segments and flies have three segments.

2. Many-jointed legs or limbs

Ticks have eight legs, bees have six, centipedes have one pair per body segment, up to 177 pairs of legs!

3. An exoskeleton

This is an external skeleton. Like armor, it protects the arthropods body.  When arthropods are born the exoskeleton is soft but hardens quickly and it can be shed as the creature grows.  Arthropods are invertebrates; which means that they do not have a backbone.

4. Are cold-blooded

Arthropods are cold-blooded, which means, their body temperature depends on the temperature of the environment surrounding them.

Bad Bugs can hurt us or
make us sick.

Good bugs help us by helping things grow and getting rid of some bad bugs