Only female mosquitoes bite and
drink blood, male mosquitoes drink
nectar. When mosquitoes bite they
make you itch and can also
transmit diseases like West Nile
virus. You can help control
mosquitoes by dumping and
draining water where mosquito
larvae live.

Yellowjackets are wasps with a mean sting, and
they should be avoided if possible. Only female
yellowjackets sting, and they will aggressively
defend their nest. Yellowjackets are
particularly attracted to picnics and will
land on bits of sweets and meat. When
picnicking, keep food and
drinks covered and stay away from nests!

Ticks are related to spiders. They feed on the
blood of animals and people. They sometimes wait
at the tips of blades of grass with their legs
outstretched, then grab on to a person or animal
that walks by. Ticks stay attached for up to several days while they feed on blood.